Musician's Federation of India

Reg. No. MAH79/06, F-22688



What is MFI ?


Musicians Federation of India (MFI) the body which represents the Musicians, Artists, and other performers i.e. singer, Music composers song writers, instrument players throughout the world Formed in 2006. By Indian Musicians has National as well as global organization with over 12000 members in more than 14 cities of India Today M F I Represents INDIA in Musicians (PARENT, BODY) which represents the vast majority of organized performers throughout -the world Regardless of political or religious affiliation. M F I. BRINGS together performing artist and Musicians in very practical way for their common interest and organized the various small music, writer and orchestra. Association for their safety programmed and guidelines etc.



What Does M.F.I do
International Representation


M.F.I key function is representation of its members in the international arena most national Musicians and performers organizations do not have access to this important sphere of activity and MFI is able to participate on behalf of performers at informational meeting with the help and guidance of FIM. Which peal with issue affecting the life and status of performers in all areas of their lives?


MFI is active lobbying Governments institution and European commissioner through FIM.



MUSIC COUNCIL (EMC) has long standing credibility which comes term its based membership and vast experience of FIM The Growing internalization of the entertainment industry makes it all the more necessary to work with colleagues unrelated sectors.




Cooperation And Solidarity


Performers Musicians WORKING LIVES AND CONCERNS ARE INCREASINGLY GLOBAL IN THEIR Nature and MFI Encourages creation of platforms and forums for regional and linguistic within the federation.




Information Exchange And Lobbying


All performers Musicians need access to the most up to date information on arrange issue for example on developments in collective bargaining the introduction of new technologies the decline in subsidies ? tend performer protection improvements in area such as taxation, Social security, Health and safety.




Other Development


A fundamental aims of MFl'S work is to encourage the of knowledge and experience amongst its members.


The applies in particular to the transfer of knowledge. Experience and resources to associations in developing world and in new democracies Development projects are priority for MFI and money is raised both by members and form outside organizations to fund training programmers. Information packages and the provision of equipment MFI greatest-resource is the expertise of its many members and officials who provide invaluable assistance and training to colleagues in other countries.




Areas Of MFI'S Work


MFI'S agenda of policy and activity is broad and busy. MFI Trying to organize various types Association of Dancers. Association of Blind Musicians and various types of Artists etc MFI provides one platform to all Concerns. Associations and programming work entitlement, pension scheme, Medical facilities and insurance etc.




Live Performance


Many MFI's members have their foundation in the live theatre and to view live performance as the essence of the performing arts an in dispensable expression of National culture.




Media And New Technology Performer's / Musicians Intellectual Property Rights


As well as negotiating collective agreements to regulate the use, of recorded performances in many countries are also able to exercise intellectual property rights.




Artists Freedom


MFI believes that all Performers’ Musicians have a right to work in their chosen profession, free form the fear of political or religion, sanction.




Women Performers


MFI has been active in promoting equality and working conditions for women performers in many countries women do not yet have earning patty with male colleagues face discriminations and lack of opportunity because of age and their portrayal is often still negatively based.




Musicians Professional And Social Concern


MFI is involved either directly or indirectly in social provision for performer's live-pension and health schemes, taxation unemployment and other benefits as well as in training and professional development.




Guidance Centre


MFI has opened guidance centre for musicians, writers and singers etc. in Mumbai and planning to open all over India.